A functional training program on how to implement sustainable change in the health care system on a clinical level


Contact: Martin Persson

Email: martin.j.persson@hkr.se

Website: www.hkr.se



Contact: Thomas Nilsen

Email: thomas@nilsen.com

Website: www.triskelionnorway.org



Contact: Gareth Davies

Email: gareth.davies@europeancleft.org

Website: www.ecoonline.org




Contact: Silvia Popovici

Email: Silviapopovici2011@gmail.com

Website: www.oammr-iasi.ro



Contact: Maria Bigaki 

Email: papeconomic@gmail.com

Website: www.papageorgiou-hospital.gr



Contact: Ieva Maulina 

Email:  ieva.maulina@rsu.lv 

Website: www.rsu.lv/en



Contact: Triin Jagomägi

Email: Triin.jagomagi@ut.ee

Website: www.ut.ee


Contact: Martina Drevenšek

Email: martina.drevensek@kclj.si

Website: www.kclj.si