A functional training program on how to implement sustainable change in the health care system on a clinical level


The multiplier event of the HI3 project was held on October 14, 2020, via “Zoom” teleconference platform due to Covid-19 pandemic limitations and restricted measures. Thirty-four (34) participants from many prefectures of Greece attended the three-and-a-half-hour event where the HI3 training material was presented. The presentation was interactive and participants were able to ask questions. Furthermore, participants were informed about the HI3 website and all the related actions that took place during the period of the project implementation. Participants’ feedback included positive remarks about the usefulness of the offered training material. 








Pilot training course for HI3 in Τhessaloniki, Greece


In February 17th2020, the pilot course for HI3 took place in Thessaloniki, Greece. Thirty-six health care professionals, residents at Papageorgiou General Hospital, coming from various specialities, (administrators, midwives, nurses, social workers, radiologists etc.) participated in the one-day pilot training. As the participants handle many patients as well as many administrative issues, this was the main motive to attend the course. During the training, some of them agreed that one of the key problems in managing change is reliable communication of the change to those involved. A pre and post questionnaire was completed, as feedback to the knowledge they gained, by the trainees. Participants found the seminar quite understandable and very useful and at the end of the course, they had a fruitful discussion of how to apply HI3 in their daily practice. 







The multiplier event of the project “HI3 – Health Innovation Implementation and Impact” took place on 17th September 2020 in Riga. The meeting was a functional training program on how to implement sustainable change in the health care system on a clinical level. The participants were 25 healthcare professionals from Latvia.



HI3 project presentation in the meeting of the Latvian Dental Association

The meeting of the Latvian Dental Association was held in Riga on the 15th of February 2020. It was attended by 200 participants - health care professionals.

Ieva Maulina was invited as a speaker. Ieva gave a lecture focused to cleft treatment and cleft centre organization in Latvia, which included introducing several Erasmus + projects. The project HI3 was mentioned as an innovative example of how to provide training for healthcare professionals.




The multiplier event took place on 13th august 2020, and it was organized by The Order of Nurses, Midwives and Medical Assistants in Romania (OAMGMAMR) from Iasi, within the project “HI3 – Health Innovation Implementation and Impact- A functional training program on how to implement sustainable change in the health care system on a clinical level” .  the event was addressed to hospital managers, care directors and chief nurses, as well as other health professionals interested on the event and topic. The event lasted 1 day, and it was attended by 42 people participants from Iasi, Romania.

The feedback of the participants at the event was a positive one.  The multiplier event was well organized. Respondents’ answers show that they appreciate the usefulness of the workshop theme. Participants have shown interest in continuing participating in local courses. The performance of the speakers was relatively good, the information was useful for the participants, but they recommended more interactive activities, and maybe invite specialists from other countries. 



Multiplier events in Estonia

Two multiplier events took place in Estonia on the 13th of March 2020 and on the 2nd of July 2020.  Both events were highly appreciated, and the participants thought the developed training material was beneficial and relevant for health care settings.   




International course in Barcelona

Martin Persson was invited as a keynote and spoke about psychosocial aspects and the importance of how to implement this change in the provision of care. HI3 was promoted as an excellent training resource on how to learn to implement change and consequently improve the provision of care for their patients.





The 9th Asian Pacific
Cleft-Lip-Palate & Craniofacial Congress

The Asian conference was held in Khon Kaen in the northern part of Thailand, and it was attended by 475 delegates from 25 countries from various disciplines. 
Prof Martin Persson was invited keynote to attended and presented at the conference.    Martin gave a lecture that focused on the long term outcomes of cleft from a global perspective, which included introducing several Erasmus + project.  Our project  HI3 was highlighted as an innovative example of how to provide training for healthcare professionals.


HI3 training course in Ljubljana

The consortium of the HI3 project met in Ljubljana on the 20th and 21st of September in order to run through a test training of the developed training course. Feedback was collected, and the partnership decided how the course should be adapted to local and cultural needs.







Martin Persson was an invited keynote at the conference, and during his lecture, he disseminated several Erasmus+ projects, including HI3.



Staff Training Week at Kristianstad University

May 21-24, 2019

A staff training week funded by Erasmus+ took place at Kristianstad University with participants from all over Europe. Johan and Martin conducted a two-day workshop based upon aspects from HI3 to 18 participants.  That training event had the most participants of the six training events that were offered.  






2nd project meeting – Tartu, Estonia

The second meeting took place at Tartu University and presented the following: 

  • The implementation partners presented their national report together with the result of the survey of health care professionals about the challenges of implement and monitoring change in their organisation, which include a total of 135 participants. 
  • Gareth Davies presented the section of the report about patients’ perspective on how the provision of health care can be improved in a clinical setting.
  • Martin Persson presented the section of the report where HKR and Triskelion focused upon innovation, implementation and monitoring of change (impact) in health care settings.
  • Martin Persson facilitated the discussion on behalf of Thomas Nilsen (who could not attend due to the SAS strike) about how the required learning outcomes necessary to ensure that the curriculum will deliver the intended outcomes will be incorporated.

A fruitful discussion followed, and the partners agreed that the objectives had been met for the first intellectual outputs. The partners agreed that the developed material would not be too theoretical and instead more pragmatical. A suggested structure of the training program was presented.


Grol R. Implementing guidelines in general practice care. Qual Health Care 1992; 1: 184-191.



The All-Russian Conference "Psychology and Medicine"

Martin Persson was invited to give a keynote at the All-Russian Conference "Psychology and Medicine" for over 250 participants, and in his talk, he informed about various Erasmus + projects, including HI3.



Kickoff meeting

The HI3 kickoff meeting was held in Kristianstad, Sweden, on the 12th of November 2018. The partners introduced themselves and gave a brief background about themselves and their organization. Martin Persson presented an overall project overview of the specific objectives together with key deliverables. In a collaborative way, the partners agreed upon the specific objectives that need to be achieved until the next meeting. Then an overview of the management and quality assurance aspects, which included the following:  a) Cooperation agreement b) Time reporting c) Financial rules. The meeting ended with a general discussion about the project and deciding the dates and venues for the next meetings.